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Feeding for Lifelong Health

Your pet is unique. Your pet’s nutrition plan should be, too. Ask our team about what food amount is ideal for your pet’s life stage and health condition, so you can ensure your pet is getting the nutrition it needs for lifelong health.

Ease into better health. Make sure the transition to a new food is easy for your pet. Each day, replace a little of the old food with a little of the new food, increasing the amount being replaced each day. After a week, cut out the old food completely. A smooth transition helps your pet healthfully adjust to the new nutrition plan.

Eliminate free feeding. Instead of leaving food out all the time, feed your pet at designated times throughout the day. Controlling when and how much your pet eats can help him stick to the weight management program we recommend. For multiple pet households, make sure to feed each pet separately, so that each pet gets the right amount of their respective food.

Veterinarians used to mainly treat diseases. Now, our approach focuses much more on health care, a total approach which includes veterinary care, exercise and nutrition. Working with our clients on the “Circle of Health” will help prevent disease and improve the quality of life and longevity of your pets. Nutrition plays a key role in our approach. It is our responsibility to assure you that the diets we recommend are extensively researched and monitored incorporate unique ingredients and are of exceptional quality. We see tremendous improvements in pets fed these diets. 

The regular interactions you have with our staff allow us to monitor and ensure your pet’s optimal health and provide you with opportunities to ask questions. It is entirely probable that your pet may eat 6 or 7 different diets over the course of their lifetime to best address their different life stages and health needs. It is our goal to proactively address these changes and need to help your pet achieve its peak potential. Veterinary diets use high-quality ingredients which provide exceptional nutrition. Typically you will feed a smaller amount of food and your bag of veterinary diet will last longer, making the cost per day to feed your pet a high-quality veterinary diet comparable to a grocery store brand.


Think about it – we can feed our pets exceptional diets at a daily cost equivalent to a cup of coffee or a bottle of water!

Remember….Good Food = Good Health