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Try Our Regular Pet Health Checks and Vaccinations in Vernon

Animals age more rapidly than humans, which is why routine checkups are important. It promotes a long healthy life as they age with time. It helps to vaccinate them on time and provides an opportunity to detect any subtle change in overall physical health. It’s hard to understand how your pet is feeling when they are under the weather; some signs or symptoms may indicate if something is wrong, such as increased aggression, excessive drinking, coughing, hiding and lethargy. A regular pet health check in Vernon will do wonders for your four-legged friend!


Veterinary Checklist for Preventive Care:

A veterinarian performs an initial physical exam for a young pet to check any sign of illness or disorder – this ensures your pet doesn’t experience any discomfort. Early identification of symptoms can lead to the detection of a disease; your pet will live a longer and happier life with the accompanying treatment. Biannual physical exams and blood tests allow for a comprehensive understanding of how your older pets may be doing.
Excessive shedding, itching, and digestive disorders are related with allergies to a particular diet or the nutritional inadequacy of a diet. On the other hand, health
y home-prepared food shows a dramatic improvement in a pet’s health.


Principles for Pet’s Good Wellness:


Pet Weight- The simplest and most effective way to determine something is wrong with your pet is through a weight check. Humans get through a fair tonnage of food over a year, yet the weight varies very little and is not always a cause of immediate concern. However, if your pet is overweight, talk to a nutritionist for an effective diet and weight loss plan. Healthy homemade food and regular exercise are advisable. Sudden weight loss is also a sign of health issues. Visit your nearby veterinary clinic to assess your pet’s condition.

Pet Behavior - The bond between the owner and pet increases fitness level, lowers stress and spreads happiness. Behavioral issues may severely strain that healthy relationship. If you feel your pet is behaving unusually, we recommend bringing them to us and our team will do a thorough checkup and give you an accurate diagnosis. An obvious reduction in mobility happens as age progresses; special care needs to be taken to monitor and screen the behavior.


Pet Dental Health - Disguised dental diseases may lead to serious health hazards with your pet’s internal organs. Dental care is important for older pets as they are more vulnerable to bacteria. Let a vet have a look at your pet’s teeth to decide if they need cleaning or any other special care. Ensure your companion has clean, healthy teeth and schedule a dental exam as part of a preventative approach to a pet’s health.


Get in touch with us today for a comprehensive health check for your pet in Vernon.

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