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Your pet is in good hands at Sunridge Veterinary Clinic. We deliver premium pet care in a kind, gentle manner and our team is ready to assist you anyway we can.

Wellness & Preventative Care

In order to raise a happy, healthy pet we must evaluate multiple components in your pet’s health – everything from age, breed, and current health conditions. The proper nutrition, parasite prevention, dental care and vaccinations all play an important role in giving your pet the healthiest life possible!

Surgery & Dentistry

Sunridge Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of surgeries including spaying and neutering, orthopedic surgery, lump and tumor removal, hernia repair and treatment of abscesses/wounds. Our dentistry services include dental scale and polish, dental x-ray, tooth extractions, and oral surgery.

Radiology & Diagnostics

Our clinic is fully equipped to perform various diagnostics including in-house blood panels, urinalysis, skin scraping, thyroid testing, and glucose monitoring. We also have a radiology department where we offer full body x-rays as well as intra-oral dental x-rays.


Time for a Checkup?

We offer total pet care

from teeth to tail!

Dalmatian Dog
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