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Feeding Time

Have you discussed feeding strategies with a pet nutritionist?

An optimised diet for your pet results in an adequate nutritional intake for your pet. This adds to its healthy life and prevents sickness. The food itself should be optimized based on their age. Our veterinary prescription diet contains protein, vitamin and mineral levels as per the breed, age, weight and any pre-existing medical conditions. Senior pets have different requirements than puppies or kittens, and animals with different diseases can benefit from specific diets. At Sunridge Veterinary Clinic, we work accordingly and diligently to meet the needs of you and your pet. 



Veterinary Approach to Pet Food Nutrition

Concerns are being raised about the nutritional choice, the amount of food or which kinds of food are best for your pet. Following the directions on the package is not sufficient to maintain a proper diet; all pet foods are not equally beneficial. We understand food quality and food quantity because this will help keep your pet strong and healthy.

Let’s consider cats and dogs; cats require meat majorly in their diet, being obligate carnivores, while dogs, being facultative carnivores, require a varied diet containing meats, grains, vegetables and grasses.

Animals have specific requirements for certain essential proteins and other nutrients because of their physiological differences. Protein and fat ratio differ for working pets and sedentary house pets. Diet should also be optimized based on the digestion ability of the breed.








Commercial vs. Home-Prepared Food

Commercial pet food is convenient to use, but it may contain sub-optimal quality and additives to meet basic nutritional requirements. Home prepared pet food emphasizes the benefit of freshness and wholesomeness of the ingredients. Special care is needed if the pet has pre-existing allergy to any component. There might be deficiency of calcium in meat and many vegetables, so it is necessary to provide supplemental calcium in pet diet. This is very important for bone structure and strength and should not be overlooked.

Consult Our Pet Nutritionist Vernon for a Complete and Balanced Diet

We review your pet's medical and diet history, evaluate its current diet, and provide recommendations to meet your pet's individual nutritional needs. Proper nutrition is used as treatment, so we design balanced home-cooked or raw diets for them. We’re pleased to offer specially formulated dog and cat food from top trusted brands like Royal Canin.

Call us our pet nutritionist in Vernon to set up a consultation for your pet!



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